Our Services

Outstanding account receivables have grown tremendously. Often resulting in Bad Debt write off’s. ARS’s goal is to reduce aged receivables and increase revenue. ARS is experienced in working difficult claims that may require investigation to include home visits to patients or field visits to SSA, DCF, Jails or any other institutions required to resolve unpaid claims. Our services:

Provide claims denial and follow up resolution for all payer types. This service includes working with patients, family members as authorized by patient, Payers, Physicians and employers in order to resolve claim denial issues. ARS will make visits to homes, insurance carriers, the state of Florida Medicaid office and SSA as needed in order to provide information needed to update files to allow hospital to receive payment for medical services provided.

Provide Medicaid eligibility services. ARS effectively provides Medicaid eligibility services though an automated process to identify potential Medicaid, then focus on these identified accounts to pursue Medicaid coverage. This will be accomplished through a process between ARS experienced eligibility staff and the state of Florida as a trading partner and with a dedicated DCF caseworker hired to assist with the eligibility process. This service is offered as secondary placement or primary as needed.

Provide authorization for treatment services. ARS assists hospital with obtaining Medical authorization for treatment for all payers. We have a team of RN’s who provide this service remotely or on site as needed.

Provide provider enrollment services as requested. This service includes obtaining the initial Medicaid provider number for all referred physicians, monitoring and renewing the provider number as mandated every three (3) years and providing any updates or information from the state that is beneficial to all providers.

ARS works with our respective clients to develop procedures with client staff that is convenient and seamless from referral, follow up, to resolution. Our interaction with hospital staff is limited and non-intrusive. We work the accounts remotely and communicate all information needed to rebill claim by documenting notes into the hospital system and submitting pertinent information via a spread sheet.

Our fee’s for collectable claims are contingency based, therefore risk free. We offer flat rates to add a Medicare secondary payer (MSP) to CWF as needed, as well as COB updates with no payment received.

ARS specializes in claims resolution for all payers including Medicare, Medicaid, HMO’s, commercial payers, workers comp, and automobile. Collectively ARS’s team has greater than 130 years experience in medical Claims resolution.